The Autonomic Disorders/MVP Center

Woman runningMitral valve prolapse is the most common cardiac problem and may affect five to twenty percent of the population. The condition is most common in women, although men are also affected. Read more about mitral valve prolapse

Symptoms of dysautonomia / MVP often occur following major stress events such as childbirth, severe viral illness, or life changes like marriage or divorce, job pressures, etc. Read more about dysautonomia / mitral valve prolapse symptoms

Treatment of dysautonomia / MVP consists of several different therapies, all of which contribute to a successful outcome. These therapies incorporate diet, exercise, education, and medication. Read more about dysautonomia / mitral valve prolapse treatment

The Autonomic Disorders/MVP Center opened in 1987 at Montclair Baptist Hospital. The Center is now housed in the Alabama Heart Institute building on the campus of what is now Trinity Medical Center. Read more about the Autonomic Disorders/MVP Center

Appointments to be seen at the The Autonomic Disorders/MVP Center may be made by referral or you may schedule an appointment directly. Read more about scheduling an appointment

The The Autonomic Disorders/MVP Center is located on Montclair Road in Birmingham, AL. Click here for directions to the MVP Center

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The Autonomic Disorders/MVP Center
880 Montclair Road, Suite 370
Birmingham, AL 35213

Phone: (205) 592-5765
Toll Free: (800) 541-8602
Fax: (205) 592-5707